The law of attraction is more than New-Age nonsense

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“All that we are is a result of what we have thought”

- Buddha

The $40 billion-dollar personal development industry is based on the idea that we have the power to move past our life circumstances and reshape our reality. …

Why religion must change with the times

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The Church decreed that gay unions were not ‘part of God’s plan’.

If that’s the case, why create gay people? God is meant to be omnipotent and all-powerful, after all. And it’s quite arrogant for any human being — ecclesiastical or not, to assume unassailable authority on ‘God’s plan’.

The Church characterized gay sex as ‘intrinsically disordered’.

Because as far as the Church is concerned, we have made no progress in the last nearly…

Why are TV shows with rampant sexism so popular with women?

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Think about a failure as a lesson instead

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The ‘failure’ of your marriage

If you were happily married for years and then grew apart, does it really count as ‘failure’? You built a life, maybe had a family, built enduring assets, and impacted a community together.

But all leaders are guilty of hiring people that look like us

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The perils of being a woman

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Taking a public bus in Pakistan is a noisy, sweat-soaked sensory experience.

Buses are dangerously overloaded with people squished together inside with no room to even lift your arm. …

Or doing whatever else makes you feel human

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In the early days of the pandemic, we were all fueled with purpose.

We were on a mission, mutually fighting a war. We were motivated and energized. Working from home was a novelty and we went at it with energetic vigor.

No, your gay son will not change with the love of a good woman

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All is fair when your life and future are at stake

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Starving for weeks, wishing for cancer, coveting bones — when we lead privileged lives, we must self-sabotage

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HS Burney

Immigrant sharing stories about the beauty and beastliness of culture. I write personal stories and reflections on diversity, and women and minority experiences

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