The Vatican’s Refusal To Bless Same-Sex Unions Shows That Religion Is Still Stuck In The Dark Age

Why religion must change with the times

Photo by Constanza S. Mora on Unsplash

The Church decreed that gay unions were not ‘part of God’s plan’.

If that’s the case, why create gay people? God is meant to be omnipotent and all-powerful, after all. And it’s quite arrogant for any human being — ecclesiastical or not, to assume unassailable authority on ‘God’s plan’.

The Church characterized gay sex as ‘intrinsically disordered’.

Because as far as the Church is concerned, we have made no progress in the last nearly 50 years since homosexuality was declassified as a psychological disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.

The Church said that ‘marriage is a lifelong union between a man and woman and is intended for the purpose of creating life’.

With this revolting statement, the Church managed to insult and marginalize not only gay people but the polyamorous community, divorced people, and those that either choose to or are unable to have children.

The Church said that ‘any union that involves sexual activity outside of marriage cannot be blessed’.

So, the Church accepts gay people as long as they stay celibate. After all, it doesn’t recognize gay marriage — so how could gay sexual activity be acceptable?

The Church implied that their blessing of homosexual individuals goes insofar as they allow themselves to be ‘changed by God’.

This is the mindset that led to generations of tortured gay people with PTSD after going through abusive gay conversion therapy programs. Hating themselves, believing something is wrong with them, feeling that their souls are fractured, gritting their teeth through a false facade of heterosexual relationships, and ruining not just their own but others’ lives in the process.

The Vatican’s position on gay marriage is a culmination of years of gaslighting the gay community.

Pope Francis has been welcoming gay people into the Catholic Church and blessing them as ‘children of God’. He has held meetings with gay people and encouraged those that want to raise their children in the Church. He declared his support for legal protections for gay people in civil unions. This created a false sense of security for those desperately torn between the faith they were brought up in and their very human inclinations.

Immigrant sharing stories about the beauty and beastliness of culture. I write personal stories and reflections on diversity, and women and minority experiences

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